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Services and Activities

EPC Services


Execution of water treatment projects on EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) basis as follows:


  • Execution of water treatment projects on EPC (Engineering,
    Procurement, Construction) basis as follows

                          ​Sea water intake & water treatment system by using the R.O. & Desalination method

                          Demineralized water package project for power plants & other Industrial plants

  • Execution of engineering & procurement for subsidiary systems of Plants (like fire extinguishing, fuel supply ,utilities, compressed air, etc.)
  • Execution of engineering for production line & assembling of industrial Units in various fields
  • Execution of engineering, procurement, construction of equipments & Performing the industrial projects on turnkey basis
  • Execution of engineering, selection & supply of equipment, Construction, erection & commissioning of the  industrial automation System
  • Maintenance , repair, replacement, renovation & refurnishment of Industrial units in electronic & mechanical fields
  • Performing the engineering & technical services in the fields of mechanical ,electronic and control system
  • Conducting the technical & economical studies, investigation on currently under way projects
  • Providing management services of project & proper & necessary Cooperation and coordination between contractors and consultants Activities, in large scale projects



  • Erection and construction of all packages designed by us
  • Erection of mechanical equipments in different fields of mining and industrial sectors Installation of Rotary and static equipments in petrochemical, oil & gas fields, refineries and power station plants
  • Installation and refractory casting of reformers
  • Prefabrication and erection of storage tanks (fixed and floating roof)
  • Installation of instrumentation works in a.m. sectors
  • Pre-commissioning of mechanical , electrical , instrumentation in a.m. sector​